Sara Tsai

2015-2016 Chief Executive Officer
School: UC Berkeley
Major: Business Economics

The impact that TBC has had on me cannot easily be put into words, for in my past four years volunteering in the organization I have had innumerable experiences that, big or small, have contributed significantly to my growth both as a person and leader. Being in TBC allowed me to meet people from all around the Tri-City area, and during my time serving as Deputy Chief Musical Director in the music department, I got to supplement my training as drum major for the MSJ band by conducting at indoor rehearsals and parade practices. Because performances were much more relaxed than the school programs, I got to steadily build up my confidence in leading others, and the support and encouragement that I got from my upperclassmen friends helped ease whatever stress or worries that I had. Without TBC, I would’ve had a much harder time adjusting to the role of drum major and I wouldn’t have formed such meaningful connections with likeminded musicians from across the city. As an officer for TBC, I got the opportunity to directly impact the organization by voting on changes and even proposing ideas of my own. The group is incredibly unique in that it allows high school students to engage in real-world scenarios and think critically about problems and their potential solutions. The subsequent growth that comes from this freedom of opportunity is also phenomenal. Four years ago, I would’ve never imagined that TBC would be the organization it is today, with over 250 active members who hail from every high school in the FUSD, a new up and coming junior high program, an international performance under its belt and another trip underway, and an officer board that may soon surpass 50. These extraordinary accomplishments are thanks to the efforts of all the officers and members who have dedicated their time, energy, and heart into the group, and I can’t wait to see what the organization will accomplish in the future.