My daughter, Soumya, has been associated with TBC for quite some time. By providing her the opportunity to perform throughout the year through numerous parades/events, TBC has helped her tremendously in mastering her musical skill, which she enjoys the most. She also got the opportunity to serve TBC in different roles, first as a part of the Cadets, then Royals & now as an officer. TBC has helped her in a big way towards sharpening her social & leadership skills. Looking back and comparing it to now, the transformation I find in the Soumya, the girl, who used to be somewhat shy prior joining TBC and now, the leader, with booming confidence, creativity and always eager to take challenges head-on is highly commendable. It is amazing to see how much TBC has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth over the years. I am thankful to TBC for providing a great platform for my daughter’s growth and I will encourage others to join them as well.