Lavanya Narendiran

2020 - 2021 Senior Financial Officer - Scrip & Matching

I first learned about TBC through a friend in marching band who’d already been a part of it for a few years, and she encouraged me to apply to be an officer, outlining a couple of benefits and responsibilities that sounded intriguing. I decided that there was no harm in applying, and I’m eternally grateful that I ended up doing so. During my time as the Scrip and Matching Officer, TBC has given me countless life skills, leadership opportunities, a better sense of time management, responsibility, public speaking practice, and financial knowledge, as well as many other invaluable skills, and it has been amazing to collaborate and work alongside like-minded officers who share the same love of music and a desire to help promote free musical education in our communities. Through working with the rest of the Finance department, we were able to brainstorm and carry out successful novel fundraisers during the temporary cancelation of our traditional large-scale ones. Through the completely free elementary band program, we were together able to provide high-quality musical education for elementary band students, which was an experience that I greatly cherish. Though I was not able to participate in any of the regiments this year due to the pandemic, I’m excited to potentially get to do so next year, as well as to continue serving as an officer in this unique and groundbreaking student-led organization.