My daughter, Annie Wen, first joined TBC in junior high to have fun with her friends performing in fall parades. At the time, I had not known about TBC before, but as I got to learn more, I was very impressed. Unlike many school clubs, TBC is very professional and well-organized, which made the experience very enjoyable for us. Since then, Annie has become an officer, which I believe is one of the best decisions she has made. I can see how Annie has gained so much from being an officer of TBC. She has learned many important skills such as time management, communication, and leadership, all of which are skills she will need when she grows older and joins the workforce. Before joining TBC, Annie was very shy and did not talk very much. However, after becoming an officer, I noticed that she is much more confident and better at sharing her ideas. I truly appreciate TBC helping Annie mature and grow both personally and professionally. I am also very happy to see how Annie has been impacted by participating in parades with TBC. With high school marching bands having a very large time commitment, we were reluctant to let Annie join. However, TBC has a very flexible schedule that has allowed Annie to continue to participate in marching band without compromising her academics. I can see that she very much enjoys meeting new people from different schools while performing for the public. I believe that TBC is more than just a marching arts program. It is a way to bring the community together and provide opportunities for students. Reflecting on Annie’s experience in TBC, both as an officer and as a member, I can say that she has definitely become much more mature and social. TBC has been very inspirational as well as educational for her. I would recommend both parents and students to become more involved in TBC and consider joining their officer board.