2018-2019 Executive Director of Cadet Regiment
School: Mission San Jose High School

I joined TBC’s Cadet Regiment the summer before 8th grade just to get a feel of what marching band is like and whether I wanted to do it in high school or not. During my time in this program, I found myself becoming more and more confident in myself and my musical skills. When I joined as an officer, I learned that TBC is more than just music. It is also about teamwork, communication, leadership, and much more. I have learned the importance of teamwork and communication and how they are essential skills to get tasks done on time and smoothly. TBC has also helped me become more outgoing and build more friendships amongst other members. I remember when I used to be extremely shy and was reluctant to go on TBC’s Italy Trip because I had no friends that were going. However, I still decided to go on the trip as I thought it would be a fun experience to perform music in a different country. During the trip I was able to step out of my comfort zone by making many new friends and creating unforgettable memories with them. The experiences that I went through TBC has truly helped me grow musically and personally. I have learned many valuable skills that I would not have been able to acquire anywhere else.