[My daughter] Miranda had an enormous array of outside curricular activities but I think TBC was one of the most enjoyable ones she joined. Even though she has been part of the music community since a child, she hadn't begun to enjoy music until she joined TBC. Everything she has participated in so far were strict in place as in playing classics and other technical pieces. To her, music was just simple. Yet after joining TBC, I would hear her talk about all the different things the band would play. TBC has brought life to the music she used to find so bland and made her enjoy viola more as well. The hours she has spent over the summers for TBC has not gone to waste. I remember going to their 4th of July parade and watching as the girl spun her flag so happily along with another troupe of girls. She made many friends within the organization and met people from all around the city, an experience that she would have otherwise not made. After she joined their officer board, I think Miranda became a more responsible and reliable student. She began to become more aware of the comings and goings of her own events and much more organized compared to what she used to be like. TBC even inspired her to start her own nonprofit as a high schooler. I am thankful that she joined TBC because it has changed her so much for the good.