Kriti Iyer

2019 - 2020 Finance Officer
School: Mission San Jose High School

My first experience with TBC was actually before I became an officer; it was in my freshman year, at the Niles Festival of Lights parade. Just through that one parade, I got the chance to meet several other musicians from different cities and schools. At the same time, I could brush up on my marching skills and musicality. Since then, I’ve gotten the chance to broaden my horizons as a musician by playing a variety of songs. As I went to different parades and played different repertoire, I learned with peers who are also passionate about music. Participating in TBC’s seasonal parades over the past several years, both as a casual member and a more dedicated officer, has been enjoyable and rewarding in several ways. I’ve also grown a lot through my position as a Finance Officer. The finance department at TBC is heavily involved when it comes to fundraising events such as our Pasta Feeds, our first Crab Feed, and smaller events at local restaurants and stores. Through working on these events, I’ve learned firsthand how they come together and the different aspects of organizing and running them. From estimating all the items we need for food-based fundraisers to the requirements for renting out centers, I have gotten an idea of the process of fundraising. I’ve also learned how to effectively communicate with professionals and a community audience. This includes in the context of fundraisers and in a broader sense as well. Additionally, all officers gain experience in using organizational tools such as Trello, which provides for better scheduling and ease of communicating about certain tasks and objectives. TBC has put an emphasis on communication in a timely manner, something I feel has been an important skill applicable to many situations. Outside the organization itself, TBC gave me a lot of chances to learn. One such instance was the Southern California college tour, which gave me a chance to tour popular colleges and learn where my interest may lie. During my time here, I’ve grown a lot both through internal and external opportunities provided at TBC. TBC gave me the chance to learn a lot of important skills and information that will be applicable in college and beyond. I’m grateful to have been introduced to them in an environment and with people familiar to me. Thank you to TBC for the past few years; all of the experiences I’ve had and the connections I’ve made are ones I won’t easily forget.