JOnathan Stock

2018-2019 Chief External Affairs Officer
School: Mission San Jose High School

Ever since I joined Tri-City Band Corps four years ago, I have always wanted to help create a positive change in this organization. I started off by playing trumpet in the seasonal parades, wanting to improve my marching skills so I could perform at my best in my high school’s marching band. I quickly acquired new skills that helped me become a better musician but despite that, I knew I wanted to be more involved.. After a couple of years of being a regular member of TBC, I decided to join the officer board in the summer of my senior year of high school. Many of my other friends were already on the TBC officer board so I had a general understanding of what to expect. I started off as a technology officer in the external affairs department in which I was able to put my coding knowledge to use by building up the website as well as learning diligence and integrity along the way. After many changes throughout the officer board in the summer of 2018, I eventually got promoted to the position of Chief External Affairs Officer. In this position, I was able to practice leadership a lot more than in my technology officer position. Leading a whole team led me to develop a more well-rounded personality. As a result, I was able to succeed in recruiting many members to perform in our fall parades. TBC has offered me numerous opportunities, from volunteering for the group to improving my skills as a leader. I am grateful to have experienced this many opportunities in just one year of being in TBC compared to other programs which would have taken many more years to gain this much experience.