2015-2016 Chief Musical Composer
School: San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Major: Technology and Applied Composition

A friend of mine told me to join the Tri-City Band Corps in the middle of my junior year. At that time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to join another marching band when I was already in my school's band, and I was already being weighed down by the responsibilities of my school band as well as my other classes and extracurricular activities. My friend, in the end, convinced me to join, and I have to say that joining TBC is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

You'd think that I just learned more music and improved my musical skills in TBC. Well, I did, but I also learned so much beyond anything musical. I could've refused the offer to join the band and simply continued to work on my academics and personal projects, but then I wouldn't have received the life lessons in dedication, leadership, and character that I received because of TBC.

Being an officer in TBC allowed me to help make decisions and pitch in my own ideas to help TBC improve. TBC lets its members think about how their decisions could have larger consequences, either bad or good, and wonder how they could make the situation even better. I wasn't only given these opportunities as an officer, but as the Chief Composer, I was also given the opportunity to write original music for the band to play in future parades. Being in TBC gives people chances that they can't always get in other places, and as a student who is about to go to a music school to major in composition, I am truly grateful for those chances.

I learned to be humble and to keep an open mind, and that you couldn't please everyone, but you might as well try...starting with yourself. I learned that your attitude outweighs your talent, that the process could be more important than the result, that milk tea is probably the best thing since sliced bread and the Internet... Speaking of milk tea, TBC is supported by donations and fundraisers, and oftentimes, these fundraisers take place at milk tea shops, allowing people to buy a delicious treat and help TBC (and the shop itself) all at the same time. That's two birds with one stone! ...Wait. I greatly appreciate the lessons I learned from TBC. What I value even more are the relationships I made with other students. As I move on to college, I'll never forget all the life lessons and my incredible band family, who, along with myself, shared our love for music one step at a time. I look forward to the achievements that TBC will have made in the future.