Hong Wong

My son, Matthew, joined TBC last summer through a friend's referral. I wanted to sign him up for a summer activity to prepare him to get ready for his high school marching band class. He was a bit reluctant to join at first, but I encouraged him to join and experience marching band. It turned out this not only served as an activity for him during summer and a preparation class to get him ready for his high school class, but also served as a good opportunity for him to learn how to be organized and worked as a group among his peers through the program. Of course he also had lots of fun from different activities with his new friends. I was surprised how organized the group was even though it operated by the students themselves. They were all professional as they collaborated well together like a real company would do. They also displayed lots of knowledge that I think kids would not be able to learn from school. Because of how much positive vibes he experienced during the summer program, he decided to join the organizations as a supply officer in fall. Now, almost a year has passed, I can see how much growth he gained and matured as a person. I am so glad that I made the right decision to encourage him to join TBC and I can see those positive experiences transforming him to who he is now.