Betty Bei

Chief Supply Officer
School: Mission San Jose High School 2014 Alumni
Current Occupation: Software Engineer

I have great memories of TBC! It gave me more time to hang out with my friends, while at the same time let me practice more color guard, which I loved to do in high school.

I volunteered with Tri-City Band Corps throughout high school where I participated in color guard for parades and played bassoon for concert bands.

Being a supply officer in TBC, keeping inventory and making sure I got to meetings on time was vital to the group. From this I learned organizational skills and responsibility, which are traits that are essential for success.

I was able to write about taking leadership in TBC on my college applications. I also put my time spent volunteering for the group on my resume for my first couple job applications. It's an experience that gives you something to talk about when people ask you to give examples of leadership, organizational skills, and other fun traits.

If you have the time, try to help out the group however you can! Also don't forget to have fun with it and make friends. Don't be afraid to meet new people and help each other out during your time there.