My daughter Priya Chanda has been an active member of Tri-City Band Corps since seventh grade, and it has given her countless opportunities over the past 4 years. As I never heard of this program before, I was at first a bit hesitant to let her join. However, I came to see how wonderful the program is. The program creates a learning atmosphere that allowed my daughter to truly excel at her instrument and has given her a path to better herself as an individual. Over time, I realized that TBC was a valuable asset to my daughter’s extracurriculars, as it made her a much more independent and responsible student. By integrating several important skills such as communication, time management, as well as responsibility into the program, TBC exhibits how it is an incredible program that can truly develop a child’s skillset. My daughter, being part of the finance department, learned several skills applicable to her daily life such as setting up a fundraiser and collecting donations. Being in TBC has made her better prepared for leading an independent self-sufficient lifestyle when she is an adult. The program offers an enriching experience for students to acquire knowledge that can only be found outside of a school environment. With TBC, I can truly see in my own personal experience how Priya became a well-rounded student over time, and she is now better off than before. I am incredibly thankful to TBC for doing so much for my daughter and I truly recommend it for other students.