Annie Wen

2018-2019 Chief Executive Officer
School: Irvington High School

I joined TBC in the fall of 8th grade because my band director had suggested it. At the time, I just thought of it as a fun, outside of school activity to do with my friends. I joined the Cadet Regiment, so it was my first time being a part of a marching band. It was extremely gratifying to see all of our hard work from rehearsals come together at our parades. Not only is TBC an opportunity to improve your musical skills, but it is also a place to meet new people. Being a very shy person, I was able to become more outgoing through TBC and make new friends. TBC proved to have a much larger impact on my life than I expected. I applied to be an officer when I was going to 9th grade. I wanted to contribute more to this organization and also develop my leadership skills. One of the most memorable experiences I had as an officer was organizing the Pasta Feed. I had never been to a Pasta Feed before, but as a Deputy Chief Finance Officer, I was given the task to work with my fellow officers and organize the event. Through this experience, I learned the importance of communication and organization. Although it was a lot of hard work, seeing the success of the event was very rewarding. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that TBC has given me. Through my experience as a member and officer, I was able to develop valuable skills such as interacting with other people and planning events that I would not have been able to learn elsewhere.