When my daughter first joined TBC, I just saw it as another one of those summer camps or activities she joined. I did not foresee TBC would make such a big impact on her. She prepared her first resume for TBC. She had her first interview with TBC. She went to Italy for the first time with TBC. She was also able to make many new friends in different grades and different schools through TBC. Amongst these years, I am impressed to see that she has grown tremendously and has become an independent and responsible person. I have also discovered that her love for music is still present even after dropping out of her school band program. Additionally, I have also noticed Kelsie becoming more outgoing and not as shy as she used to be. Through TBC she has been able to communicate and work with many people helping her become more social and confident. Before Kelsie joined TBC, I never took notice in parade performances. However, now I look forward to seeing TBC and other musical groups perform. Overall, TBC is a great organization for students and I strongly recommend it to others.