Amandeep Virk

My daughter Ishrat joined TBC because she was interested in joining her school’s marching band, so I encouraged her to join this organization. She joined first as a cadet learning marching skills and techniques that would help her in her marching with her high school band. By the time she was in high school, she wanted to do more with the organization and decided to become an officer. After four years of being an officer, I am glad to say that she has learned so much through it from leadership to time management skills. I can also see first hand how she grew into a more responsible and mature high school student. The program provided her with many opportunities and experiences. I saw that she puts a lot of effort into TBC and her ability to lead groups and speak in front of many people has improved since she has joined this group. One thing that Ishrat always looks forward to being a part of TBC’s parades. When the marching season is over she is always excited and ready to start marching as a member of TBC. She always is excited to go to rehearsals to put her marching skills to work and enjoy with her friends. Through taking part in the parades, she has also made friends from all over the Bay Area and has kept in touch with them. Looking back, I can safely say that I am glad that she decided to join this program because it allowed her to become a responsible student as well as a person whom others can rely on. I know that Ishrat feels the same way and is glad that this organization was able to give her so much and that she was able to give back to them.