Ajay iyer

TBC has been instrumental in assisting and supporting teenagers as they grow into smart mature individuals. It has made them more responsible and respectable of others, and making good use of the time available. This has enabled them taking to take greater ownership of defining, scheduling and completing tasks successfully. TBC has helped my child to grow as an individual. It has been great to see them constantly working to build and improve on their strengths. They are now much more accountable and collaborate very well in a group environment. It has been impressive to see how they use a more planned and focussed approach on achieving their professional goals. TBC has also been instrumental in ensuring that they engage much better with people at a professional and social level. They have learned to project their strengths and use them effectively towards completing their assignments. They are now able to confidently network within their peer groups, and are game to take on and successfully complete challenging assignments. Thank you TBC for working tirelessly to support our teenagers on their path to becoming smart young adults and facilitating them to build a brighter future.