Bindiya Desai

My daughter, Hetvee Desai has enjoyed the past 4 years with TBC, including all parades, fundraisers, bondings, and rehearsals. She joined initially for this to be another activity along with school band and now she has done so much with TBC. After she left the school band, TBC was a very good way for her to still play with a group and practice her marching skills that she had developed over the previous 2 years. All the parades and rehearsal are well timed and it does not get in the way of school at all and that way, Hetvee was able to make sure she could give her 100% commitment. TBC gave her a very good platform to develop her leadership skills. There was a strong commitment from all the officers throughout the school year and special thanks to Harrison for coaching and guiding them to do their best in all areas. I definitely think that TBC has helped my daughter experience a real-world work environment, preparing her for what’s to come in the future. I have seen her design flyers, take part in fundraisers, talk to businesses for donations and I sincerely think that TBC motivated her to learn these skills and take part in community events. She also was able to go to Southern California with TBC for a college tour last summer and I am very thankful that they provide such opportunities to take the kids to visit colleges. Over her 4 years, she has become more outgoing and made many new friends whom she is still in touch with. Thank you so much for the musical and skills learning opportunities. TBC has provided outstanding community partnership and developed awareness for community work and music among young kids. I encourage any parent who is considering participating in TBC to go for it and that they will not regret their decision at all.