Mr. Jayaprakash: When my daughter Prathusha joined TBC, my initial reaction was TBC is going to take lot of her time and commitment in addition to regular school activities. In a short period of time she got better in time management, planning and coordination. She got very good in scheduling events like fund raisers and food booths to raise money for the organization. Within few months of joining, she got into organization financial management which gave her money management experience and knowledge. She worked closely with various student office bearers and got better with communication and coordination. TBC kept my daughter busy even during summertime and make use of her time with real business-like experience. Overall TBC helped her gain skills including leadership, finance, marketing and more important confidence in taking up any real-life challenges going forward. 

Mrs. Jayaprakash: My daughter first joined TBC in 10th grade, when she started I thought it was going to be like a school marching band where they only had parades and practice sessions. As time went on she did more and more with TBC. TBC had lot of events like Summer barbeque and pasta feed and festival of arts which she attended. She was able to play trumpet more and be able to do more activities with friends through TBC. Prathusha applied then as a Marketing officer and was able to do work for TBC and learn new skills to help her in school and other education. She was able to learn time management and work with other people to complete tasks like how an office would be run. Prathusha later got the officer position in finance and then she was able to work on the events like pasta feed and festival of arts. I remember she used to store lots of supplies in our living room for these events and work hard selling food and managing the money. TBC was a lot of time and work, but I am glad she got the opportunity to do real life work to prepare her for college and her career in the future.