Adele Feng

Chief Technology Officer (2007), Chief Executive Officer (2008), Alumni Supervisor and Co-Chief Financial Officer (2008-2011)
School: UCSF
Major: Doctorate of Pharmacy
Current Occupation: Clinical Pharmacist Lead Cricket Health

In high school, I was already immersed in band and orchestra in school and extracurriculars, but TBC differed in its opportunities for leadership. I haven't thought about why or how this is, but one of the things I'm well-known for among my friends and coworkers is my prompt accountability. I'm also insanely organized. Harrison and TBC played a key role in my development of these leadership traits. Assuming I wasn't exaggerating in my UC essays, being CEO was no small feat, especially for a high schooler. I had to fill out nonprofit forms, help plan parades and events, help my other Chief Officers, and apparently deal with a flaming dumpster situation during a pre-rehearsal potluck. TBC taught me responsibility in a way that no other extracurricular did.

I'm positive that TBC and the leadership roles I held helped me stand out during the admissions process. I listed TBC in my resume, and I talked about my experience as CEO in my college essays. Granted, I applied to colleges in 2008, so I imagine things are much more competitive these days. But life is so much more than just college! The life skills I learned at TBC have served me well beyond school and continue to allow me to advance both personally and professionally.

From what I remember, it was a positive experience! Get involved with leadership roles, and pick Harrison's brain! He is a great mentor, and great mentors are hard to come by.