Aaroh Dixit

2020-2021 Junior Financial Officer
School: American High School

The first time I heard about TBC was in 8th grade. I got to know about this non-profit organization through my cousin, a TBC officer at the time. She explained to me that I should become an TBC officer, as it was an amazing opportunity for meeting other musicians, enhancing my leadership skills, and gaining new areas of expertise. I was a little hesitant at first, but the organization was very welcoming. The first time I experienced the hard work and leadership skills of TBC officers was when I went to the Pasta Feed, a fundraiser they were holding. This fundraiser showed how well they all communicated. After the Pasta Feed, I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization.

My experience so far with this organization has been pretty amazing. Even though I still haven't got the full experience, due to COVID, I find that what I have done so far has been great. As of now, I am developing my leadership skills by tutoring little kids to play music as part of TBC. I feel really happy knowing that I have the power to bring new kids into the world of music. I have also participated in TBC’s free online classes during the pandemic. These classes expanded my knowledge on so many different topics such as economics, finance, and technology. It also helped me with learning how to work with a team. As COVID slowly diminishes, I anticipate I will be able to experience so many more activities and continue to learn about what TBC is all about. I’m thankful for what TBC has already taught me and am excited for everything it will offer in the future.