Cadet Regiment

Sign up for our 2020-2021 summer cadet regiment program here! Registration is still open.

The Cadet Regiment is a new program open to all current sixth, seventh, and eighth graders from all schools near Fremont, Union City, and Newark. Students will be rehearsing to perform in a separate junior high unit at some of the parades that the current high school team attends. Participants will get a chance to meet band students from across the Tri-City area, learn how to march, and perform in front of tens of thousands of audience members. It’s an incredible opportunity to make new friends and prepare for the high school music programs! There is no fee to join.IMG_2487

This program was created to provide junior high students in the Tri-City area with the opportunity to participate in marching band prior to high school, so that musicians can gain experience and be better prepared for high school music programs. This not only allows participants to meet like-minded, dedicated students from other schools, but also strengthens the high school marching programs. In the competition circuits that Tri-City high school marching bands compete in, many of the winning groups have established junior high marching programs, so students in those bands have several more years of experience in marching technique and showmanship than music students in the Tri-City area. With the implementation of the Cadet Regiment, hopefully marching programs in the Tri-City area will see a growth in membership and an increase in marching fundamentals amongst its students.


Make new friends from other schools:

The Cadet Regiment offers junior high school students the unparalleled opportunity to meet music students from across the Tri-City area! During rehearsals and parades, participants will learn to work as a team and create lasting friendships as they bond during these fulfilling activities. These relationships will surely last into high school, and through the Cadet Regiment students will have a much easier time when it comes to making the junior high-high school transition.

Have fun performing in front of thousands of audience members:

Unlike the traditional concert band experience, the Cadet Regiment allows students to perform in front of thousands of audience members from around the community! Join in on the fun by performing in front of parents and children, military veterans and retired workers, teachers and fellow students, and watch as the audience joins together in celebration as they listen to the music you get to help create!

IMG_2507 Get a head start in high school:

Learn marching fundamentals from knowledgeable high school students, and gain performance experience during summer parades! By joining the Cadet Regiment, students have the chance to train in marching basics and showmanship, making them much more prepared when they join the high school programs. In this way, the Cadet Regiment could also strengthen local high school marching groups by providing younger students with firsthand experience and setting them up for higher standards of achievement.

Leadership Opportunities: 

Student officers run just about everything in TBC and practice leadership skills on a frequent basis. Cadets that have successfully finished a parade season with us are able to apply for a Leadership Position in our Cadet Leadership Team. This team will work alongside our instructors and staff to help run rehearsals as well as provide input on Cadet Regiment events. In addition, all participating students will be able to meet our officers in the Royal Regiment and learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on in running a successful nonprofit organization that has a member base of over 400 active members! When Cadet Regiment participants graduate and go on to join the high school groups, they’ll have a much better idea of the leadership requirements and potentially apply to be officers.IMG_2499

Community Service hour and Service Learning hours (for high school students):

High school students have the chance to participate with the Cadet Regiment by training and mentoring the junior high participants. By volunteering their time teaching and helping out, these students can earn service learning hours, potentially qualify for some of TBC’s service learning awards, and contribute back to the community!


Our Cadet Leadership Team consists of students from the FUSD Junior Highs. There are ten total positions in our Leadership Team: Horner Representative, Hopkins Representative, Walters Representative, Centerville Representative, Thornton Representative, Woodwinds Section Leader, Brass Section Leader, Percussion Section Leader, Color Guard Captain, and Executive Director of the Cadet Regiment. School representatives are responsible for recruiting new members for the Cadet Regiment. Section leaders and the color guard captain are responsible for helping our instructors, specifically during rehearsal. We are still in search of a few more members to join our Leadership Team. If you are interested in applying, please send an email to [email protected].