The Chain Of Command


The Chain of Command is the line of authority and responsibility which dictates who is at the head of the group at any given time and who gets to direct and control the activities of the members below them. The ranks of TBC include (from lowest ranking to highest ranking): Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Sergeant Major, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, and Field Marshal.

All members are issued an insignia to wear during performances to display their rank which shows the member's hard work, dedication, and experience within Tri-City Band Corps. A point system is used to determine one's rank. By attending TBC events, you can gain more points and go higher in the rank. The point system is broken down to the following:

  • 1 Point for each $1 donated or fundraised
  • 2 Points for every hour of TBC Volunteer Work (excluding Performances)
  • 5 Points for each full rehearsal attended
  • 15 Points for every new member recruited (who attends at least 1 performance)
  • 50 Points for each performance attended

Officers, on the other hand, follow the member point system and a separate officer point system. Through out the year, officers work hard to make TBC better for the next year, and that involves additional work. Officers are assigned regular tasks, and by completing those tasks, they are awarded officer points. At the end of each quarter, some of those officer points are converted into member points, rewarding officers for the extra work they put in to run TBC and make it better, allowing the officer to have an even higher rank when they finish their term.

Additionally, all officer positions are associated with a higher rank in the Chain of Command. This allows officers to direct members and complete their tasks more easily. Officers with ranks below the rank of their position are moved up temporarily until their term ends, while officers with ranks above their position get to keep their current rank.