Service Hours And Awards

Service Hours and Service Awards:  As a member of Tri-City Band Corps, you can earn service hours by attending and rehearsal performances or volunteering at occasional events. Tri-City Band Corps operates under two primary marching seasons: the fall parade season and the summer parade season. Service hours will always be written and distrusted after each respective season ends. They will either be electronically scanned to your registered email address in our database or physically delivered to you by and officer representative that attends your school.

The service hours of all TBC members are managed by the Chief Internal Affairs Officers on, a popular customer relationship management product utilized for case and task management. This website records your basic profile information, a list of activities you have attended, and the number of service hours you have earned. Should you need a different method of delivery at a different time, however, you can also now request service hours by submitting a request form on our main webpage: On the home page, hover over “Members” in the top right corner and create an account. To register for an account, you must provide some basic information and create a login/pass. Once you log in to your account, you will be able to track your member points, rank, and status, as well as view your total service hours earned and awarded.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact any of the TBC officers.

Service Hour Policy: TBC will has its own service hour form (like the forms that FUSD schools use) to verify students' hours and award them for their services above and beyond forty hours, inside or outside of TBC (due to the new FUSD policies). From now on, FUSD high schools will only list up to 40 hours on students’ transcripts, and only allow students to earn up to 5 hours for training/preparation for performances and events.These new policies affect not only TBC, but also many other service clubs and organizations such as Jenny Lin, VAMS, etc.

How do these new changes impact TBC members?
40-hour cap on the transcript: Though it may seem like this puts students at a disadvantage for college admissions, it actually doesn’t. When applying for colleges, students list their extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences on their applications, and colleges track the number of hours that the students have spent on each of the activities based on what the students report on their applications. Many high schools don’t even list service hours on the transcripts, so admissions officers look at the students’ applications, not the transcripts, for the information. In fact, UCs don’t ask for the students’ transcripts until after they have been admitted and decide to enroll.
Only 5 hours for training/preparation: Currently, TBC members earn hours by attending up to 4 rehearsals/parade. Under the new policy, students may only turn in up to 5 hours for rehearsals for each parade to the school. However, students may still list the total number of hours they did with TBC on their college applications. The TBC Internal Affairs department carefully tracks all hours through an online system, and you can see the number of hours and points you have by signing up for an account on the TBC website.

New TBC Awards Policy In response to the new school policies, we will now be implementing new TBC Awards that will benefit members who have actively participated with the organization. Awards play a role in the admissions process, and we want to make sure that our members are recognized for their work. We will also accept hours from other service organizations, as long as they complete a verification form with us.

We believe that the hours that members spend serving their communities should be recognized. Moving forward, we will track service hours for the school requirement separately from community service hours for awards such as the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Our Awards:
Annual Service Awards: Award for service hours earned within 1 season, defined as July 1st to June 30th each year. All awards are issued once per year on July 1st for the previous season. Gold Baton awards can be issued at any time once earned upon request from student. Recipients will receive a signed certificate acknowledging their service.

Eligibility: Award winners must attend at least 50% of TBC performances during the season in question. Additional hours can come from any other verified 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Use the TBC service hour form below to submit your non-TBC service hours).

Gold Baton – 150+ hours  
Silver Baton – 100-149 hours
Bronze Baton – 50-99 hours

Currently, we are not accepting submissions. We will open submissions some time in 2018.

TBC Service Hour Form

Lifetime Service Awards: Award for cumulative service hours earned. We are implementing this in an effort to provide the same recognition students used to receive from FUSD for outstanding service to the community. Recipients will receive a signed certificate acknowledging their service, and will be eligible to wear earned award(s) as a ribbon panel on their uniform (additional fees apply).

Eligibility: Award winners must attend at least 50% of TBC performances during the season in question in order to be eligible. Additional hours can come from any other verified 501(c)3 non-profit organization (use the service hour form above to submit non-TBC hours) Awards are stackable, so you can earn all of them as you level up.

Bronze Wreath – 100 hours  
Silver Wreath – 200 hours  
Gold Wreath – 300 hours  
Platinum Crown – 500 hours

Outstanding Performance Awards: Award issued for outstanding performance and service to TBC. Award must be voted on by the Executive Team and cite a specific reason for issuance of the award. Recipients will receive signed certificates detailing their contributions for which the award is being presented, and will be eligible to wear the corresponding medal on their uniform (provided).

Regimental Service Award (Top 5%) – General award for outstanding performance. This can be a member or officer going above and beyond to help out the group such as exceptional fundraising and recruiting. (Fundraising of $500 or more)

Brigade Service Award (Top 2%) – Service award for exceptional performance to TBC over the course of multiple events, fundraisers, performances, with a perfect or near perfect attendance.. This can be a member of officer going above and beyond to help out the group such as exceptional fundraising and recruiting. (Fundraising of $1000 or more)

Division Service Award (Top 1%) – Service award issued for performance far above and beyond the call of duty. (Fundraising of $2500 or more)

Corps Service Award (Top 0.1%) – Service award issued for performance far above and beyond the call of duty. This is the highest award that can be earned in TBC. This award is to be issued only as necessary to someone who has gone exceptionally far above and beyond to support TBC.

President’s Volunteer Service Award Every year, members who have met volunteer requirements as outlined on the President’s Volunteer Service Award website may submit their information through TBC, which is a certifying organization, to receive the award. We typically send out information about the PVSA in mid-August every year.

There are many ways to earn hours through Tri-City Band Corps, such as volunteering at music and supply workdays and attending rehearsals and parades.

NOTE: If you submit hours once, those hours will be counted for all 3 awards. You will be notified via email if your forms are verified or if alterations need to be made.

Fill out this form to begin submitting service hour forms for the 2018-2019 season!
You may submit hours/forms for the 2018-2019 season anytime until June 30th, 2019 – the day the season ends.

Download the TBC Service Hour Form: