Student Testimonials

Jonathan Stock

2018-2019 Chief External Affairs Officer

School: Mission San Jose High School


Ever since I joined Tri-City Band Corps four years ago, I have always wanted to help create a positive change in this organization. I started off by playing trumpet in the seasonal parades, wanting to improve my marching skills so I could perform at my best in my high school’s marching band. I quickly acquired new skills that helped me become a better musician but despite that, I knew I wanted to be more involved.. After a couple of years of being a regular member of TBC, I decided to join the officer board in the summer of my senior year of high school. Many of my other friends were already on the TBC officer board so I had a general understanding of what to expect. I started off as a technology officer in the external affairs department in which I was able to put my coding knowledge to use by building up the website as well as learning diligence and integrity along the way.

After many changes throughout the officer board in the summer of 2018, I eventually got promoted to the position of Chief External Affairs Officer. In this position, I was able to practice leadership a lot more than in my technology officer position. Leading a whole team led me to develop a more well-rounded personality. As a result, I was able to succeed in recruiting many members to perform in our fall parades. TBC has offered me numerous opportunities, from volunteering for the group to improving my skills as a leader. I am grateful to have experienced this many opportunities in just one year of being in TBC compared to other programs which would have taken many more years to gain this much experience.

Kelsie Lam

2018-2019 Executive Director of Cadet Regiment

School: Mission San Jose High School


I joined TBC’s Cadet Regiment the summer before 8th grade just to get a feel of what marching band is like and whether I wanted to do it in high school or not. During my time in this program, I found myself becoming more and more confident in myself and my musical skills. When I joined as an officer, I learned that TBC is more than just music. It is also about teamwork, communication, leadership, and much more. I have learned the importance of teamwork and communication and how they are essential skills to get tasks done on time and smoothly. TBC has also helped me become more outgoing and build more friendships amongst other members. I remember when I used to be extremely shy and was reluctant to go on TBC’s Italy Trip because I had no friends that were going. However, I still decided to go on the trip as I thought it would be a fun experience to perform music in a different country. During the trip I was able to step out of my comfort zone by making many new friends and creating unforgettable memories with them.

The experiences that I went through TBC has truly helped me grow musically and personally. I have learned many valuable skills that I would not have been able to acquire anywhere else.

Annie Wen

2018-2019 Chief Excutive Officer

School: Irvington High School


I joined TBC in the fall of 8th grade because my band director had suggested it. At the time, I just thought of it as a fun, outside of school activity to do with my friends. I joined the Cadet Regiment, so it was my first time being a part of a marching band. It was extremely gratifying to see all of our hard work from rehearsals come together at our parades. Not only is TBC an opportunity to improve your musical skills, it is also a place to meet new people. Being a very shy person, I was able to become more outgoing through TBC and make new friends. TBC proved to have a much larger impact on my life than I expected.I applied to be an officer when I was going to 9th grade. I wanted to contribute more to this organization and also develop my leadership skills. One of the most memorable experiences I had as an officer was organizing the Pasta Feed. I had never been to a Pasta Feed before, but as a Deputy Chief Finance Officer, I was given the task to work with my fellow officers and organize the event. Through this experience, I learned the importance of communication and organization. Although it was a lot of hard work, seeing the success of the event was very rewarding. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that TBC has given me. Through my experience as a member and officer, I was able to develop valuable skills such as interacting with other people and planning events that I would not have been able to learn elsewhere.

Alvin Tsui

2018-2019 Chief Internal Affairs Officer

School: Mission San Jose High School


During the summer before my freshman year, I wanted to learn more about marching band, and it just so happened that TBC started the Summer Cadet program that year. I thought that TBC would just be a one time deal, and it wasn't until that I discovered the community within TBC that kept me hooked in the program. Over the past years, the parades have helped me develop marching skills to supplement school band, as well as expand my social network throughout the community. Becoming a Supply Officer and eventually the Chief Internal Affair Officer for the organization has helped me develop numerous life skills such as communication skills and time management, skills which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Staying on top of tasks, collaboration, and leadership skills would not have been developed as well if it weren’t for TBC. All the activities that TBC plans throughout the year also helps increase awareness about the importance of music, and I have truly seen the efforts made by all us pay off. The constantly active involvement of the members helps improve not just the overall group, but the individuals themselves. As part of the cadet instructors program during the summer, TBC has also provided me great volunteering opportunities to help future generations become the best that they can be. Having a leadership role in the group has taught me what it takes to be an effective leader.

The experiences gained from TBC has shaped me to who I am, and have also prepared me to conquer whatever the future throws at me. As Helen Keller has once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much," and that quote couldn't be more true about TBC. I can't wait to see what else we as an organization can accomplish this coming year!

Daniel Nguyen

2017-2018 Chief Internal Affairs Officer

School: Mission San Jose High School


Before I became an officer, I came to one of TBC’s fall parades and was amazed at how a group of high school students was able to create a band among their community. Interested in what I saw, I decided to join their community as an officer at the end of my sophomore year. Though very nervous and shy at the beginning, I began to understand how to use my talents within TBC by creating new plans to improve our online store and help manage fundraisers as part of the Finance department. In addition, I had found out that TBC has such a great community of talented peers who you can always count on to help and push you past your limits. Along with them, I was able to take up a stand and move up as Chief Internal Affairs Officer where I took great pride in my work and in leading my department. Through the rigorous work, I learned how to balance my academics and daily activities, molding me into a leader for such a wonderful and talented team. TBC has truly developed me into the person that I am today.

At the end of my junior year now, I look back at how much I have accomplished in just one year with TBC. I am very grateful for the friends have made along the way and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors with and without TBC. Thank you TBC for all the great memories and experience I could ever have!

Jayde Wang

2017-2018 Recruitment Officer

School: Irvington High School


I joined TBC summer before high school as a way to learn and practice colorguard before school started. However, as time went on, I realized that this was an opportunity to push myself in ways I haven’t before. Not only is TBC a great way to practice and perfect your skills, it teaches you patience and dedication. Admittedly, practices can be tiring and sometimes frustrating, but seeing everything come together is extremely gratifying. I will forever cherish the memories I have made during my time with TBC. I have met so many new friends and have gotten closer to many of my friends.

As an officer, I have learned so much about time management and collaboration. There is a lot of work that goes into helping TBC run smoothly and we as officers have to work together to ensure the success of TBC. I have learned so much about stepping out of my comfort zone and I know I have grown so much during my time as an officer.

Apoorva Prakash

2016-2017 Asst. Color Guard Captain

School: Mission San Jose High School

I joined Tri-City Band Corps the summer after my sophomore year because I couldn’t bear the thought of not performing in colorguard for three months. Over the next two years, it became a much more meaningful experience for me. Through TBC, I’ve been able to gain experience in teaching and leading others. As TBC Colorguard Flag Captain, I have had the opportunity to choreograph parade routines, which has not only been a lot of fun, but also significantly improved my skills during regular colorguard and competitive winterguard seasons. I’ve met many new friends from all over the Bay Area through TBC, and we all share a passion for the marching arts. TBC is a great way to meet new people and make connections. Since joining TBC two years ago, I’ve witnessed how much this organization has grown and improved. I only wish I could have joined earlier and continued further. There is so much I wanted to participate in: the Cadet Regiment, the Italy trip (and other international tours), and more. I would recommend TBC to anyone interested in joining and I am sure that others too will have worthwhile experiences with this organization.

Casey Quevedo

2016-2017 Drum Captain

School: Washington High School

Marching band was something I really enjoyed my freshman year of high school and I saw TBC as opportunity to continue my path in the activity outside out of my own program. Joining TBC was no doubt one of the best choices I have made. This organization not only improved my musical skills but gave me the opportunity to work with other students who loved what they do and it gave me a first hand look on what it takes to keep an organization like this to be successful during year. Being the drum captain for TBC allowed me to become a better leader by providing the ability to be in charge of the drumline and the opportunity to teach introduce new ways to approach their instrument. I am now marching my first year of indoor with NorCal Indoor Percussion and first year of DCI with the Blue Devils B Drum and Bugle Corps snarelines. Without TBC, I would have not gone this far in the marching activity and be the person I am now.

Sara Tsai

2015-2016 Chief Executive Officer

School: UC Berkeley

Major: Business Economics


The impact that TBC has had on me cannot easily be put into words, for in my past four years volunteering in the organization I have had innumerable experiences that, big or small, have contributed significantly to my growth both as a person and leader.

Being in TBC allowed me to meet people from all around the Tri-City area, and during my time serving as Deputy Chief Musical Director in the music department, I got to supplement my training as drum major for the MSJ band by conducting at indoor rehearsals and parade practices. Because performances were much more relaxed than the school programs, I got to steadily build up my confidence in leading others, and the support and encouragement that I got from my upperclassmen friends helped ease whatever stress or worries that I had. Without TBC, I would’ve had a much harder time adjusting to the role of drum major and I wouldn’t have formed such meaningful connections with likeminded musicians from across the city.

As an officer for TBC, I got the opportunity to directly impact the organization by voting on changes and even proposing ideas of my own. The group is incredibly unique in that it allows high school students to engage in real-world scenarios and think critically about problems and their potential solutions. The subsequent growth that comes from this freedom of opportunity is also phenomenal. Four years ago, I would’ve never imagined that TBC would be the organization it is today, with over 250 active members who hail from every high school in the FUSD, a new up and coming junior high program, an international performance under its belt and another trip underway, and an officer board that may soon surpass 50. These extraordinary accomplishments are thanks to the efforts of all the officers and members who have dedicated their time, energy, and heart into the group, and I can’t wait to see what the organization will accomplish in the future.

Miranda Zhou

2015-2016 Supply Officer

School: UC Berkeley

Major: Business


I joined TBC in the summer of my freshman year of high school and without a doubt, the memories made within the organization are one of the best experiences made in my high school career. At first, colorguard from marching band was just a replacement for PE that was required in my high school. I didn't want feel any connection to it nor the people in it. Joining Tbc was also just a rash decision made with one of my friends to get some service hours. Little did we know how much of an impact TBC has made on our lives. Compared to our school's marching band, TBC is very welcoming. When I joined, I definitely felt that I joined a closely knit community who was gathered there to bring joy and music to our local community. Our colorguard routine was made by fellow students that combined the style of the different high school around the area. The music was also much more in the form of entertainment and fun. Without a doubt, the music we played during the parade brought smiles to the audience because I would not stop grinning as I performed to the frozen theme song. After freshman year, I continued to attend TBC events throughout my high school career and even joined the officer board in my senior year so I can contribute more to this organization that brought me so much these past four years. Regardless of if you play and instrument or not, know colorguard or not, you know definitely join TBC and develop another array of memories that will continue to contribute to who you are.

Jessica Mao

2015-2016 Chief Musical Composer

School: San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Major: Technology and Applied Composition

jessicaA friend of mine told me to join the Tri-City Band Corps in the middle of senior year. At that time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to join another marching band when I was already in my school's band, and I was already being weighed down by the responsibilities of my school band as well as my other classes and extracurricular activities. My friend, in the end, convinced me to join, and I have to say that joining TBC is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

You'd think that I just learned more music and improved my musical skills in TBC. Well, I did, but I also learned so much beyond anything musical. I could've refused the offer to join the band and simply continued to work on my academics and personal projects, but then I wouldn't have received the life lessons in dedication, leadership, and character that I received because of TBC.

Being an officer in TBC allowed me to help make decisions and pitch in my own ideas to help TBC improve. TBC lets its members think about how their decisions could have larger consequences, either bad or good, and wonder how they could make the situation even better. I wasn't only given these opportunities as an officer, but as the Chief Composer, I was also given the opportunity to write original music for the band to play in future parades. Being in TBC gives people chances that they can't always get in other places, and as a student who is about to go to a music school to major in composition, I am truly grateful for those chances.

I learned to be humble and to keep and open mind, and that you couldn't please everyone, but you might as well try...starting with yourself. I learned that your attitude outweighs your talent, that the process could be more important than the result, that milk tea is probably the best thing since sliced bread and the Internet... Speaking of milk tea, TBC is supported by donations and fundraisers, and oftentimes, these fundraisers take place at milk tea shops, allowing people to buy a delicious treat and help TBC (and the shop itself) all at the same time. That's two birds with one stone! ...Wait.

I greatly appreciate the lessons I learned from TBC. What I value even more are the relationships I made with other students. As I move on to college, I'll never forget all the life lessons and my incredible band family, who, along with myself, shared our love for music one step at a time. I look forward to the achievements that TBC will have made in the future.

Madeline Zheng

2014-2015 Chief Executive Officer

School: University of Southern California

Major: Applied and Computational Mathematics


Throughout my high school years, TBC was a platform for opportunities not only to further explore music but also to immerse myself in real-world management – and I think that unique versatility forms the core of its value to every student. I still remember the dynamic progression of my TBC experience: as a freshman I quietly sat in on my first indoor rehearsal, while by senior year I was rushing around the bay to secure legal renewal of our business name, managing officer meetings and parade plans, working to strategically target areas of future growth, and more.

Lessons learned through that journey have followed me as I've made my way through other endeavors, manifesting in everything from band concerts to strategy consulting projects. I have no doubt that the program will continue to develop, expand, and offer similarly worthwhile experiences to all.

Jasmine Chen

2011-2012 Chief Executive Officer

School: University of Pennsylvania

Major: Nursing


During my time as CEO in TBC, I learned invaluable corporate management skills. I was able to experience being in executive management at a young age, a rare opportunity. The experience helped me immensely in life -- delegating tasks during my job, working in groups, understanding company policies, presenting during meetings, writing emails, making speeches, writing resumes, and so on.

One unforgettable task as CEO was conducting interviews. I dreaded them at the time, but through interviewing others, I was able to gain insight into what most people look for in interviews. This of course aided me in my future interviews which undoubtedly helped me get into college, programs, half a dozen part time jobs, and finally my first real job. To this day, I am grateful for how much TBC pushed me to grow out of my comfort zone, the many opportunities it provided me, and the many paths it still opens up for me.

Eric Ching

2004-2005 Chief Executive Officer

School: UC Berkeley

Occupation: Real Estate Attorney at Ching & Associates


As a founding member of TBC, I can definitely say that putting together TBC along with Harrison has definitely contributed a lot to where I am today. Learning about stuff in a classroom is very different than real life. Forming and operating TBC has helped me develop important practical skills such as communication skills, management skills, people skills, networking skills, etc. etc. I wouldn't have been able to form, managing, and develop my law firm to where it is today - grossing $300,000+ annually. There are many social aspects of running a business such as how to interact with your employees that you cannot learn in a classroom setting. However, organizations such as TBC, is an opportunity for young students to develop hands on experience that is practical for real life.