Parent Testimonials

John Stock


I’m the father of Jonathan Stock who has been involved with the Tri-City Band Corps for four years. Watching the development of my son has been exciting as his father. I have watched him develop into a responsible young adult who has changed with help from participation with the band and his peers.

The high school years have been trying for us as parents. But the dedication and responsibility that my son’s developed through his participation has been quite remarkable. He’s no longer the same child who needs to be told what needs to get done. He’s learned to plan, organize, and take responsibility for both himself and others. He’s become a leader as opposed to being a follower of the herd. I often see him helping around the house without being asked to.

Tri-City Band Corps has helped to groom him into becoming an adult and thinking more about his future instead of just about high school. By him becoming an officer in TBC, Jonathan has gotten help when it came time to start thinking about college. Where would he attend based on the skills he has acquired, what he’ll need to describe to gain admission to a school of his choosing, and more questions have been answered because of his work in TBC.

The trip to Italy with Tri-City Band Corps in January of 2018 was a trip of a lifetime for my son. His maturity after his return from this trip was the biggest change I’ve noticed. He was proving his respect to everyone he knew and felt as if he could make much more of a difference to this world based on the opportunities given to him. This led to him joining the officer board in the summer of 2018. I think my son having the opportunity to perform internationally as well as having the opportunity to see ancient history gave him a new perspective of the world along with his part in it.

I am proud of the transformation my son has made, I credit a lot has been because of his involvement with the Tri-City Band Corps. I thank you for the help in turning my son into a responsible young adult and I encourage you to consider your child to join this organization as well.

Raquel Stock


Tri-City Band Corps has been an awesome high school experience for my son Jonathan Stock. He has been excited in participating in a special club that features students. I took his siblings to see him perform in parades and they looked up greatly to him. My son has been extremely proud to be a member of TBC. Ever since Jonathan has joined TBC my other son was eager to begin one of the programs in the Tri-City Band Corps.

His younger brother has now been in TBC for 2 years and wants to continue in his brother’s footsteps. Now after watching Jonathan graduate, I can now see what an amazing impact the Tri-City Band Corps has had on my son as he now awaits to continue his education going into college. I also believe that TBC has helped my son get into a good college where as if he hadn’t joined TBC, he wouldn’t be in the position he is right now. TBC teaches students a great responsibility beyond any other organization as it is totally run by students.

Rani Rai


My daughter, Soumya Rai, first joined TBC in 7th grade in their Cadet program. Soumya knew she wanted to be part of her high school’s marching band, so I encourage her to join this program. Not only did TBC help Soumya learn how to march, but it helped her improve her musical skills and know what to expect from her high school marching band.

TBC has had a large impact on Soumya when she joined their officer board. Being an officer has taught her many important life skills such as communication, time management, and leadership skills. She was really shy before joining TBC, but becoming an officer and participating with the group has helped her meet people from around the Bay Area. TBC taught Soumya how to balance officer tasks, school, and other extracurriculars in a well-organized manner. Becoming an officer with the group had helped Soumya become more confident with sharing her ideas and taking leadership roles outside of TBC as well.

TBC helps kids utilize their summer in a productive way. Looking at the professional growth that occurred in my daughter, I know TBC has been a very beneficial experience for her. I encourage you to join TBC and participate in their programs!

Rajanish Rai


My daughter, Soumya, has been associated with TBC for quite some time. By providing her the opportunity to perform throughout the year through numerous parades/events, TBC has helped her tremendously in mastering her musical skill, which she enjoys the most. She also got the opportunity to serve TBC in different roles, first as a part of the Cadets, then Royals & now as an officer. TBC has helped her in a big way towards sharpening her social & leadership skills.

Looking back and comparing it to now, the transformation I find in the Soumya, the girl, who used to be somewhat shy prior joining TBC and now, the leader, with booming confidence, creativity and always eager to take challenges head-on is highly commendable. It is amazing to see how much TBC has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth over the years.

I am thankful to TBC for providing a great platform for my daughter’s growth and I will encourage others to join them as well.

Connie Lau


When my daughter first joined TBC, I just saw it as another one of those summer camps or activities she joined. I did not foresee TBC would make such a big impact on her. She prepared her first resume for TBC. She had her first interview with TBC. She went to Italy for the first time with TBC. She was also able to make many new friends in different grades and different schools through TBC.

Amongst these years, I am impressed to see that she has grown tremendously and has become an independent and responsible person. I have also discovered that her love for music is still present even after dropping out of her school band program. Additionally, I have also noticed Kelsie becoming more outgoing and not as shy as she used to be. Through TBC she has been able to communicate and work with many people helping her become more social and confident.

Before Kelsie joined TBC, I never took notice in parade performances. However, now I look forward to seeing TBC and other musical groups perform. Overall, TBC is a great organization for students and I strongly recommend it to others.

Antonio Lam


When my daughter, Kelsie, decided to join TBC’s Italy trip, it is the first time I checked out TBC’s program. First, I was worried to let her go to another country without parents. However, TBC has provided parents lots of trip details such as the trip schedule, flight information, hotel details, restaurant information, daily rundowns, etc. I was surprised to see how well TBC was prepared and organized. It released me from my worries. I was happy to see that she had a great time in Italy and even had many experiences and stories to share. I truly feel that she has become more outgoing after this trip in Italy.

She has been working as an officer since ninth grade and I have definitely seen how her work ethic has improved. TBC’s officer system also allows the students to get a taste of the work environment so they will be better prepared for their future careers.

Furthermore, I’ve found that the Special Needs Percussion Program is a great addition to TBC. I am happy to see that she is able to put her love in music in doing something that is meaningful for the community.

Andy Tsui


TBC has had such a big impact on my son Alvin. When I first heard about TBC, I was struck by its structure and professionalism. Soon after, I encouraged Alvin to supplement his musical experience by joining their new Cadet program. Through reluctant at first, he did join the program and since then, it's safe to say that he's never looked back.

I've seen firsthand how TBC has benefited Alvin. He's learnt so much, both musically and in terms of life experience. After becoming an officer on the Officer board, I've seen how much his professional work ethic has changed for the better. Through his time as an officer, I've seen him gain more confidence in a professional environment. He has also drastically elevated his leadership abilities. Through the parades and various events hosted by TBC, Alvin has expanded his social circle to include people from all around the Bay Area. And it doesn't hurt that the group works hard together to put together a show for the community. All of this personal growth might not have happened as quickly had it not been for TBC and the opportunities, leadership or otherwise, that it presents to members, members like my son Alvin.

Looking back on his experiences in TBC, I'm sure that he would agree with me when I say that TBC has done so much for him. It has helped him in ways few organizations can, and ultimately, I'm glad I encouraged him to join TBC that summer.

Lan Gao


[My daughter] Miranda had an enormous array of outside curricular activities but I think TBC was one of the most enjoyable ones she joined. Even though she has been part of the music community since a child, she hadn't begun to enjoy music until she joined TBC. Everything she has participated in so far were strict in place as in playing classics and other technical pieces. To her, music was just simple. Yet after joining TBC, I would hear her talk about all the different things the band would play. TBC has brought life to the music she used to find so bland and made her enjoy viola more as well.

The hours she has spent over the summers for TBC has not gone to waste. I remember going to their 4th of July parade and watching as the girl spun her flag so happily along with another troupe of girls. She made many friends within the organization and met people from all around the city, an experience that she would have otherwise not made.

After she joined their officer board, I think Miranda became a more responsible and reliable student. She began to become more aware of the comings and goings of her own events and much more organized compared to what she used to be like. TBC even inspired her to start her own nonprofit as a high schooler.

I am thankful that she joined TBC because it has changed her so much for the good.

Mrs. Gupta

My daughter, Isha Gupta, has had a wonderful time working as a finance officer for the Band Corps. Over the years, she has gained a surplus of knowledge and enjoyment from partaking in TBC’s various events and activities. TBC has given her the opportunity to be a part of a tight-knit community and contribute to projects that pertain to her career interests. She is always working on one event or the other, and I am very proud of the maturity and effort she displays through collaborating with those around her to create successful events. I have also noticed that her ability to think on the spot and lead groups has tremendously increased since her joining of the group. These are all skills that I am sure will be applied in her future and I am very glad that she has been able to develop them now instead of trying to figure them out later.

After leaving the marching band at her school, Isha still wanted to practice her musical abilities in one way or the other. TBC’s parades allowed her to still apply the skills she had learned in the school band and have fun while doing so. She is always so excited to go to each parade and comes back feeling weary but contented. I am always happy to take her to each rehearsal and watch her have fun while playing with others. I believe that music creates an unbreakable bond between people and I am glad that she has been able to share this experience with those around her.

I am very thankful to TBC for providing my daughter with the opportunity to collaborate and bond with like-minded people and for arming her with the necessary skills for her future job and life. I know that Isha genuinely feels the same way, and I would encourage anyone else to take part in this experience.

Mr. Gupta

When my daughter decided to apply to be an officer at Tri-City Band Corps, I was unsure about the time commitment and its value as an extracurricular activity. After two years, I can confirm that my doubts are gone and are instead replaced with admire for the group and its accomplishments. My daughter has learned a large amount since she joined TBC, and I can see the change that it brought in her daily life. In the past, she has struggled with time management skills, something that I tried to emphasize the importance of. After her time with TBC, I have seen a noticeable change in her time management and an improvement in her work ethic and ability to focus on her schoolwork, which I largely attribute to her maturing as an adult as well as her time at TBC.

I have also enjoyed her contribution to the TBC marching band. After she dropped her school band, I was worried she would let go of all the effort she put into developing her musical capabilities. However, TBC provided her with alternative occasions to put her flute abilities to use. Since then, she has been able to win numerous awards with the group and has thoroughly enjoyed her time in doing so.

To recap, my daughter has had a great experience as being an officer for TBC and I am glad that she took the initiative to apply and work hard for her spot. She and I are both grateful for the skills and lessons that she has picked up during her time as a member of TBC. I am proud of the fact that my daughter is an officer in the group and I encourage you to consider it as well.

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