Lots of information can be found in our Member Handbook, but here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Tri-City Band Corps?
Tri-City Band Corps is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization centered in Fremont, California that performs in local parades and events. In brief, we are a small and friendly band consisting of members mostly from high schools around Fremont. We give our members opportunities to improve and enjoy playing music and gain service learning experience at the same time.
Is there a membership fee to join?
No, there are and will be no fees. As a non-profit organization, we gain our fundings from fundraisers, sponsorships, and other events.
Are there any requirements or auditions to join?
No, as a group dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience, we accept anyone who wants to play music and have fun. However, we do not hold instruments to lend, so having your own instrument is required unless you are a percussionist or large instrument player.
What are the benefits of joining Tri-City Band Corps?
In addition to being a lot of fun, Tri-City Band Corps is a great organization for earning service hours required to graduate high school, learning and practicing music, and meeting new friends. It also looks great on college applications as part of extra-curricular activities. Officers have the additional benefits of gaining leadership experience and test and college guidance.
How often do you have rehearsals and events?
We usually try to hold rehearsals once or twice per month, one to two hours each time. Generally, there are around three or four major performances such as parades each year. Before each performance, we hold four rehearsals in preparation.
What happens during a rehearsal?
During routine indoor rehearsals, our group plays various songs to practice and improve our musical skills and coordination as a group. We also use indoor rehearsals as a chance to communicate with our members and announce any important information. Rehearsals for special performances vary depending on the event.
Are rehearsals and performances mandatory for members?
We strongly encourage our members to attend our events to learn and have fun, but they are completely optional for members. Officers are obliged to attend as many events as possible.
How can we earn service hours?
As a member of Tri-City Band Corps, you can earn service hours by attending and rehearsing for performances or volunteering at occasional events.In general, for attending a parade and at least three out of four rehearsals prior to the parade, you will earn fifteen (15) service hours. If you are unable to attend three rehearsals, you will still receive a portion of fifteen hours as long as you attend the parade itself. To check how many service hours you have earned/have been awarded, login or register for an account. Both of these links can be found under the Members Tab. To request your service hours, login and click on the 'Request Service Hours' button.
Will there be free food?
Yes, we hold free barbecues and parties for our members quite often. Don't worry.